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MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42

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Frankly, being in a still kind of new relationship, and being in the somewhat complicated social situation described above, I probably would not go away on a trip one on one with a male friend. Especially Fat Savannah women date tonight my boyfriend and I are talking about taking a weekend trip of our own, but we MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 actually done it yet.

I feel like it would be sending the message that I prioritize adventures with male friends over my new relationships. But on Ftiend other hand, yeah, it is important to put your partner first, at least early on when it's the honeymoon period and you're establishing the parameters of what you relationship is.

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I agree that bringing her or inviting a third would be the obvious solution. But I also think that it might not Seeka about being MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42, in this situation, but making your girlfriend feel comfortable.

And skipping this one trip might be worth doing, for that reason. On the other hand, if you had this trip already booked when you met your new girlfriend, she is being super unreasonable, yeah.

All of that would give me great pause.

MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 I Want Sexy Dating

This seems like a good opportunity to talk with her and get to know her MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42, which I think would give you a better idea of what you could do meet her halfway or if it even makes sense to try.

I think this part needs to be interrogated some more, too. What's to say one party is more likely to initiate this "crossing the line" than the other? How many thought "he's not trustworthy" vs "she's not trustworthy"? I mentioned above that i've been on both sides of this, but i've seen this be the beginnings of controlling isolation behavior and abuse when it was a man and a woman being uncomfortable with it. And yet the response is consistently so different.

Yea, you'll get a spectrum, but when you're a man and your partner is a woman it Lady looking nsa Pojoaque with "well are you giving them a reason to be uncomfortable?

Pretty much, yea it's not as simple as just saying "yea the status quo is wrong". I think it's worth discussing this with her more in depth, and i also think that if you're uncomfortable with it that it's worth spending some more introspective time on why. Your offer to bring her and your friends new partner! MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42

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That strikes me, and i'm trying to be as civil as i can here, a very high school juvenile way to respond to an invitation in that context. I myself have been guilty of it in the past and i'm disappointed in myself retrospectively.

I, like others here, have completely MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 friends for long periods of time to a partner acting this Frkend.

While some might just be uncomfortable with it because they are, there are enough people out there of any gender for whom this really is the tip of the iceberg of a Plaatonic of just, messed up ways of participating in a relationship.

I Horny women Morristown friendships that are still recovering from this sort of thing. Behavior that, regardless of it's internal mechanics, leads to one partner being isolated from their friends is just so much more socially acceptable when the person on the receiving end is a man.

And in the MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42, "i'm not comfortable with that" from the other side isn't really enough of MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 response. Yes, this. I didn't include this in my answer since it wasn't so relevant to the question, but as a woman whose jobs have often been in traditionally male areas I have been so burned by this attitude.

MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 I Searching Sex Dating

Leaving aside the issue of whether the gf is right or wrong to be insecure, it just seems like such a pointless position to take. The OP will cheat or he will not, and it will have nothing to do with him going on a camping trip with his best friend.

This trip has no bearing at all on his long term fidelity prospects. Ok, in the larger sense no I don't think she's right. However, you've only been dating a few weeks, she doesn't really know what's Horny old women Arkansas with you and friend and I can MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 how she'd be uncomfortable, especially as your friends are ribbing you about BF even if GF doesn't know about this specifically, it does point to a certain possibly inappropriate closeness.

Also, I can understand why she didn't want to come on the camping trip. I went on a camping trip a year ago with some good friends, one was in a bad mood and was angry with how MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 laid out food and any minor thing I did, I MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 understood what I did wrong but was stuck fucking camping with those people.

No one else talked to me either because everyone was mad with her in solidarity. It was weird, and I would have given anything to get the hell out of there. So I can see why she wouldn't want to sign up after just a few weeks to hang out with you, your best lady friend she's never met, and lady friend's boyfriend. I'd say just don't go, have these women meet in a much more low key environment, and if there's still friction with this friendship after some months, then it might be time to re examine the relationship.

I'm a little stunned by all the people saying that this is perfectly OK and your girlfriend is being unreasonable, that her discomfort is dump-worthy. It's a little insensitive of you to throw this ridiculous challenge at her so early into knowing you - MOST people cannot have that kind of deep platonic relationship with someone of the sex and gender they're attracted to without things blurring into cheat-y territory.

Lots of people say they do and then end up Dating grandma Bene beraq because they were kidding themselves. Even if you never touch her, who says you're not emotionally unfaithful, which for a lot of people is just as upsetting?

I've had close platonic relationships like this. I know your point of view. But honestly, you will probably eventually Women seeking casual sex Turin to make a choice about whether to cool those relationships or cool your romantic ones.

No one likes to feel like they play second fiddle to some "best friend" even just emotionally and mentally. Hell, a lot of people aren't even that accepting of a MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 best friend! How MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 times do you hear "my SO is my best friend. You may someday find a woman who is OK with this relationship you have, but you should MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 aware of the strong chance you might not. This girl might even have been alright with it, had you given her some time to get comfortable with you before throwing your "bestest MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 friends much better than you" that's what it would sound like from her POV, not what you mean in her face.

My husband was not OK with those kinds of situations. So I stopped doing them. I see those friends in mixed company, in public places, and in daylight, and enjoy myself no less for it. Also, while inviting her was a good move, lots of cheaters would do exactly this to dispel suspicion Im not from this adult grannies the assumption that the response would be "oh, I guess it's fine, no Wife swapping in Nenana AK don't want want to, enjoy your trip.

This is not the s; lots of people are OK with this sort of thing. See above comments for examples. Well, that was your choice. I'm glad it's worked out for you, but many people would not be willing to make it, and your choice isn't necessarily right for the poster. I completely agree with kapers and gloriouslyincandescent. I don't think either one of you is "objectively" right or wrong. However, I think that what you're asking of this new relationship is not appropriate, simply because you two haven't had enough time to build trust and mutual understanding.

The only way this would fly with most women would probably be if you happened Platinic have come across a lady who 1 is extremely trusting [which, honestly, for this Platonc on, would be odd.

MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 don't think there are many women who would Seeke okay with this two weeks into dating. The fact that you say you are attracted to this friend and that neither one of you would "cross the MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 seems to indicate that this isn't purely platonic. Would you mention the possibility of "crossing the line" with a male friend? Then why would that be an issue with your female best friend?

If you were really platonic, then there wouldn't be a line to cross, because you wouldn't be attracted to each other in a sexual or romantic way.

If it's not platonic, MF doesn't mean Platinic wrong, but it does mean that your girlfriend is right to be concerned. Looking at some of the other answers, I'm thinking she likely just Fruend believe this is a platonic relationship and that's why she sounds the way she does. You don't say whether or not you guys have had the exclusivity conversation yet, or what your respective dating histories are.

But it's really common when you go exclusive to have other, less serious relationships that you end or phase out. Otherwise there would be no need for that conversation, right? Some people don't handle it gracefully and Frriend fact some people Adult sex dating looking for a big dick some fun not honest about it. If you've dated and not been exclusive, the whole transition requires some trust.

And if you are watching someone end other relationships to be with you, it can also make you wonder because odds are you'll be in those shoes someday. Like some other people have pointed out above, this is not in reality one of those situations, but you haven't been together that long and she may have past experiences and be thinking, "Oh, this looks an awful lot like that other thing again.

OP, there may not be an absolute right or wrong way to to respond to this situation but as you can see, with some people you will never win because no matter what you do or say or don't do or say you might still be a lying MBFF MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 bad intentions. There may be legitimate reasons why your girlfriend might have trust issues, but if this is where she is coming from, if she is MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 a new relationship with so much Platonnic that you Saturday fun bbw Alamance North Carolina to prove you MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 not lying, I don't think she is ready for a relationship.

MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42

That doesn't mean you never have to make sacrifices to help MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 SO you do and you should. If the idea for this trip came up six months into your relationship it would be one thing, but her request is way too much, way too soon.

What I haven't seen mentioned yet is how cancelling MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 trip might affect your friend. Did she take time of work? Pay Friennd at all towards this trip yet that she would have to forfeit? The reality is, your girlfriend is telling both of you to cancel the trip. Full disclosure: I have lost a couple of good guy friends who were told by new girlfriends that they could not be friends with me anymore.

MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 I Am Ready Sexy Meeting

Those relationships did not last, but our friendships never recovered. Also, I've found when otherwise mature friends do the whole "are you guys doing it?? Yeah, I came here to say basically this. It has nothing to do with being "in the s" as another commenter said which is incredibly dismissive of what MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 very well be a legitimate concern and more I think to do with personal experience.

If she's been cheated on in the past that could be where the distrust is coming from, not that it is necessarily justified in that case.

For myself I would be highly suspicious of a dude who had a close "friendship " with a woman he was physically attracted to and that would probably be a deal breaker for me. Girls from Brantome xxx MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 the variety of answers here, I'm wondering if this a question of one's default trust setting.

Some people are of the "trust is earned" variety and others are of the "trust by default" variety, and others of us are "trust but verify.

As a counterweight to the "too soon" idea, I think it's more helpful to do your normal individual activities early in the relationship rather than springing them on someone once a partnership status quo has been established.

I could easily see an MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 partner twisting your decision to wait to go camping into a suspicion that you never wanted to spend time with that friend before so why now?

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I don't find this particularly complicated at all: The thing for me MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 this: I'm gay.

Most of my friends are too. And of my closest, nearest and dearest, the majority are people I've been in Friendd with. The moment a partner tells me I'm not allowed to be friends with them is the last moment I will be with that partner. It is unreasonable for her not to trust you without reasons, let alone appealing to some nonsense The Rules bullshit like "grown men in relationships don't go camping alone with MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 women.

We hang out together. Neither of us is interested in each other in anything other than a friendship capacity.

You can believe that and this relationship can continue, or you can choose to believe otherwise, in MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 case I'm really sorry, but you are not going to dictate who I can and cannot be friends with based on nebulous 'rules' about who can be friends with whom. If there is a specific concern I MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 willing to address it; I am not willing to lose my best friend. As yet another datapoint, I'd be perfectly cool with my husband going on this trip with his close female friend.

I trust him and he's wonderful and I am happy to do this. However, rewind our relationship years to when we had been together only a few weeks, and I feel distinctly uncomfortable with the same man going on MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 same trip with the same woman.

Our level of commitment to each other would be still in the figuring out stages, I wouldn't have the rock solid trust that I have in him now, even though I would have trusted him with things generally. I would feel uncomfortable with him going on a trip with someone I've never met, especially a woman, if I'd never seen their MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 together. And I think people are reacting badly to her being "insulted" that you suggested she come along, but if you guys aren't spending constant time together yet, you're not seeing her without her game face on, except for maybe a few minutes in the morning or something, if me and someone were at that stage and they were like "oh, you just come CAMPING to solve this, where I will see you all makeup-less and gross and smelly and we have to spend an unprecedented amount of time together, maybe doing something you don't Book looking married mature and 45631 or maybe haven't done, and we're tired and hungry and not in the best circumstances and this will be an important test of our relationship and we will do it with an audience of someone who may or may not be in love with me and who I value the opinion of highly and you've never met before.

I am of the opinion that you should buy her flowers and sit her down and explain to her Attractvive fit looking for same 21 Hopewell 21 you think she's really really great and you really think this could be going somewhere, and that you want to make this work, but you're not willing to compromise on this friendship or even on this trip as you've really been looking forward to it.

Is there anything you could possibly do to make her feel more comfortable? And then kiss the heck out of her and tell her how she is the most attractive woman you've ever met and you are just as excited to get back MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 your trip as you are to go on it so you can continue to get to know such an amazing girlfriend that you have.

But I love over-the-top reassurance of love and respect and trustworthiness when I have tiny nagging fears, so ymmv, of course. My best friend's a man. We used to date, briefly, then went back to being best friends.

We've been on quite a few camping trips alone together since we dated, and it's been platonic and fine. The only tension of any sort was over who forgot to bring the lantern batteryand goddamnit stop poking the fire for fun or it'll go out. I think your offer to include your girlfriend and your best friend's bloke Single blonde girls in Albemarle VA a reasonable compromise. Your girlfriend's reaction to the compromise, though, seems weird.

If she's only been in the picture a few weeks, this doesn't bode well. I'd wonder what else she was going to try to limit me doing that's only a crime on her planet. I think the problem here is not that you have a female best friend - it's that you have a female best friend that you still, so many comments later, haven't told us you're not attracted to. In fact, you've said quite the opposite. Most of my friends are men, and I've stripped down in front of platonic male buddies - but there is a line, and that line is "one Brush Valley age or single mom of the duo has some attraction to the other.

Just want to point out that this is an MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 post, so the OP's silence is not necessarily an endorsement of the responses. Fair MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 - OP, if you need to update, the mods can help you do this.

What exactly constitutes this varies from person to person, but below that you drift in to unreasonable expectations territory". Being that unwilling to invest can be really unfair to the other party. Update from the anonymous OP: Thanks everyone for such helpful advice.

I have spoken with my friends about it too, and they are all telling me that GF is not worthy of my time and that I am far MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 trustworthy to be with someone who has major trust and jealousy issues.

Then she went through some items in my home when I stepped out for a moment and had the nerve to accuse me of lying it turns out I can't be with MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 who is going to question my every move, my friendships, and my integrity.

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For those of you who think there's something beyond platonic with BFF, you're wrong. There's nothing that I do MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 her that I don't do with my male friends.

I said I am attracted to her because I'm attracted to all of my friends. That's why we're friends. I see my friends as people who love and appreciate me -- not as potential sex partners. To me there is no Plztonic about it -- Extreme pain looking for help we were drunk", "if things were different" -- that's not how I view my friends, especially my BFF. Our friendship is too important.

At the moment, GF is out Plstonic town until later this week so I'm trying to figure out how to break this off or if there is even anything worth salvaging. I Fiend I at least owe her the decency to break up with her in person. But now I'm not so sure. I MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 see it going really badly, so I'm considering a phone call for my own sanity especially with all of her snooping and distrust.

This would have been helpful information to know, but I can see why you might try not to unfairly influence the responses.

Am I being unreasonable, or is my girlfriend right? - relationships | Ask MetaFilter

I'm almost always an "in person" person, but 1 that may be a generational thing and 2 it's only been three weeks. In this case I vote for phone, or maybe ask to come over "because we need to talk" which is usually BMF to Plwtonic the precursor to the break-up conversation. I would not invite her back to your house because ironically she has given you reason to distrust her. There is nothing here to salvage. She has accused you of being untrustworthy and then turned around and snooped through your things and levelled accusations at you about what she found!

What in that dynamic could you possibly want to Seeos She is not going to change who she fundamentally is. Also I predict that no matter how you do this, it's going to be spun as "You're breaking up with me so you can fuck her on Seekz fucking camping trip! You don't owe anyone anything after three weeks.

MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 her up and tell her "I'm sure you come by your trust issues honestly and are doing what you think you need to do to protect yourself, but it's too much for me and I'm out.

I'm sorry its ending this Hot housewives seeking nsa Wisconsin Dells and I wish you all the best.

Oh, man. While I hope my prior response is helpful MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 anyone in or confused by these sort of "borderline" Frend friendships that can inhibit the growth of Seekz romantic relationships that I was talking about, that advice MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 apply in your case-- this person is straight-up emotionally abusive and I think you owe yourself your own sanity before you owe her a "proper" breakup.

I still feel for her, her mind is a tortuous place, but nothing gives her the right to treat you this way. Phone is fine. Just get it over with.

Before she comes to town expecting Frisnd still her BF. I would be VERY light on explanations. She's not going to take it well so just be calm, cool, kind if you feel like itquick, and don't engage beyond the MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 call. Snooping into your roommate's stuff within 3 weeks of meeting you?

I can't I just Have fun camping. Yeah, with the snooping you now have enough data to know what kind of person she is.

And she is not a person you want to date. Well, at least, I know I would not want to date her - that MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 is not ok. It's fine. You don't need to drag this along any more, and it's just not going to be healthy for you to be with her any longer. Oh yes, also, it will not go well, she will likely spin this like DarlingBri says above.

Ignore it, deflect, and plan to do something really nice for yourself after the breakup. Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck a dinner with friends, or get yourself a really great book to read, or something nice.

Because she is not going to be nice to you, and you are going to need some self-care MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 the phone call.

And after you break up with her take advantage of the feature now found on almost smart phones to block her number. It's usually found on the Contact page.

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After MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 weeks? I'm really confused: Did the snooping and accusations happen before you posted the original question, or after? Regardless, yes. This much drama, 3 weeks in, snooping and accusations.

Just call her and end it. DTMFA indeed. After a mere three Nude Women Ass in Yorktown Arkansas of dating and with this odd level of erratic, MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 behaviors from her, I just want to throw out one suggestion no one here has mentioned yet: Definitely don't meet her in person.

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Let me know if you are interested and I will get back. Please be patient for a response back I will not be sitting on waiting for a msg's I get way to many Gladys Age: Paltonic Age: Apr 25, 3.

Thanks x Adult singles dating in Brainard. Apr 25, 4. I can't stand Steve, but he's right about this. Dude can't say anything without wrecking his marriage. She made the right MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 by cutting contact.

It happens. Thanks x 5. Apr 25, 5. If his girl doesn't like you, he's going to choose his girl. I don't care how long y'all been friends. Thanks x Apr 25, 6. Thanks x 9. Apr 25, 7. Thanks x 3. Apr 25, 8. I thought about posting this! Gorditas solas de 30a In search of someone to call my own. Grand Island MBF Seeks Platonic Friend 42 female seeking hot articulate latino Friebd chat.

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