Sponges and Scaffolds

TissueSpec® Sponge is an ECM construct with porous architecture that supports cell attachment, growth, and function. TissueSpec® Sponge is ideal for 3D or tissue engineering applications requiring rigid or porous structure. Sponge features can be customized to fit the needs of our customers.

TissueSpec® Scaffold is acellular construct that retains the natural 3D biomechanics and structural topography of native tissue matrix. Preserved tissue components, such as vascular structures, constitute key features of the native tissue architecture. TissueSpec® Scaffolds can be applied in 3D cell culture or tissue engineering to study the effects of native tissue mechanics on the differentiation or migration of cells.

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Custom order

East River BioSolutions offers custom TissueSpec® matrix products from other organs and tissue types to meet your research goals.