East River BioSolutions’ proprietary TissueSpec™ technology enables the isolation of intact native extracellular matrix (ECM) directly from natural organs and tissues.

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  • What is TissueSpec™ matrix?

    TissueSpec™ matrix is a series of tissue-specific extracellular matrix (ECM) products derived from a variety of natural organs and tissues and optimized for ease of use in research. Extracellular matrix is isolated directly from natural tissues like bone, heart, liver, and lung and processed into multiple TissueSpec™ matrix formats for use in cell and tissue culture studies.

  • What are the advantages of culturing my cells with TissueSpec™ matrix instead of other substrates or tumor basement membrane extracts?

    TissueSpec™ matrix products provide your cells a host of native, bioactive, tissue-specific micro-environmental factors not present in other cell culture substrates. Unlike tumor basement membrane extracts, TissueSpec™ matrix products do not contain any exogenous growth factors.

  • What is the source of tissues used to derive TissueSpec™ matrix products?

    TissueSpec™ matrix products are derived from natural tissues of porcine origin. MatriTek also offers custom matrix products derived from alternative sources (e.g., bovine).

  • What's the difference between TissueSpec™ matrix scaffolds and sponges?

    TissueSpec™ matrix scaffolds are acellular tissue sections that retain the matrix architecture and ultrastructural properties of the original tissue. TissueSpec™ matrix sponges are processed in order to homogenize matrix architecture, topography, and other biophysical properties.

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“We were looking for a cartilaginous extracellular matrix scaffold to use for engineering cartilage tissue. Matritek offered the ideal solution with their hyaline cartilage-derived matrix hydrogel system, a product we could use to encapsulate chondrocytes within the three-dimensional tissue environment the cells are exposed to in native cartilage. The Matritek scaffolds came in three ready-to-use tubes that readily mix with cell suspension media and gel quickly. Chondrocytes grow really well in the hydrogels, and these tissue constructs have developed mechanical and biochemical properties and histological staining similar to native articular cartilage.”

-Bob Nims, PhD, Columbia University