East River BioSolutions releases NativeCoat™ ECM substrates

BROOKLYN, New York, Nov. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — East River BioSolutions announced the release of NativeCoat™ ECM – a novel line of 2D in vitro cell culture coatings comprised of native tissue-derived extracellular matrix (ECM) that enables scientists to study cells in their tissue-specific microenvironments, leading to more physiologically relevant testing and thus more accurate and actionable scientific results.

Despite numerous advances in cell culture, faithfully replicating human physiology in vitro remains a significant challenge. Current substrates fail to provide the key factors necessary for cells in vitro to maintain their normal identity and activity and thrive as they would in the body. Current top-selling products are comprised of a single biochemical component or derived from rodent tumor sources. These are either too simple to provide the biochemical factors that make up the native cellular environment and support limited cell function, or they artificially alter cell growth and function, neither of which is conducive to attaining accurate data for successful scientific outcomes.

In contrast, East River Bio’s NativeCoat™ ECM coatings provide the complete milieu of the microenvironment – the ECM specific to each tissue and cell type. NativeCoat™ ECM can be used to coat any cell culture surface, bringing the highly specific composition of the native cell environment to any in vitro setting and thus allowing scientists to improve cell attachment and viability and enhance physiologic function. NativeCoat™ ECM substrates are available for multiple cell types, including liver, lung, heart and others.

Dr. Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, University Professor at Columbia University and Founder and Chair of the Board of East River Bio, stated: “Scientists’ ability to recreate the native microenvironment in which they study cells is key to successful biological research and drug development. Because they are derived from native tissue sources, NativeCoat™ ECM substrates provide the most physiologically relevant microenvironments possible for those seeking to study how cells behave under controllable conditions in vitro. This is an important part of the paradigm shift toward tools that allow scientists to conduct physiologically relevant research and better science overall.”

About East River BioSolutions
East River Bio enables scientific discovery and tissue regeneration via cell-specific biomaterials, providing essential microenvironments for cell health both inside and outside the body. The Company offers a suite of cell-specific products for both 2D and 3D cell culture.

East River BioSolutions, Inc.
Andrea Nye, CEO

East River BioSolutions moved to a new location at the SUNY Downstate Advanced Biotechnology Incubator

July 1, 2018

Brooklyn, New York

We are pleased to announce that East River BioSolutions has expanded and moved to a new location at the SUNY Downstate Advanced Biotechnology Incubator in Brooklyn, New York. Our new address is 760 Parkside Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11226.

Since 2016, the Alexandria Center for Life Science, and especially Alexandria LaunchLabs, provided East River Bio a home –  a central location, interactive life science campus, shared resources, access to new customers and partners, and an outstanding community of scientists and entrepreneurs. As our sales and team continued to grow, we were in need of a larger space to accommodate our team and a significantly expanded production facility.

Our expansion into Brooklyn represents an exciting new chapter in East River Bio’s story, and we look forward to continued successes as we scale and diversify our R&D and production efforts. Feel free to stop by and say ‘hi’ if you’re in the area!

Team updates

We would like to congratulate our Chair of the Board, Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, for her appointment to the rank of University Professor, Columbia’s highest academic honor!

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MatriTek becomes East River BioSolutions

On April 25th 2017, MatriTek revealed its new name: East River BioSolutions.

The broader, more encompassing name better captures the company’s vision of revolutionizing the biomedical research and regenerative medicine markets.

“We have an exceptional track record of engineering and scientific excellence and are at the forefront of unlocking the power of native tissue matrix to develop innovative solutions to serve the life sciences industry. Going forward as East River BioSolutions, we will leverage that expertise to provide a wider range of cutting edge products,” commented Andrea Nye, CEO of East River BioSolutions.

East River BioSolutions will continue to strengthen its leading portfolio of tissue-specific extracellular matrices, complementing it with new offerings such as tissue-specific bio-inks and expanding application of its technologies in the growing therapeutic and biomedical markets.