NativeCoat™ ECM Surface Coatings

NativeCoat™ ECM Surface Coating is a solubilized form of the extracellular matrix (ECM) from native organs. Consequently, NativeCoat™ ECM Coatings contain tissue-specific ECM components and signals, including adhesion molecules, matricryptic peptides, and growth factors that recapitulate the native cell environment in vitro.

Apply NativeCoat™ ECM in 2D cell culture to coat any cell culture surface and provide cells with key physiological factors that regulate cell growth and function. Coating with tissue-specific biochemical composition of the native cell microenvironment results in increased cell attachment, viability and proliferation as well as enhanced function and activation of signaling pathways.

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East River BioSolutions offers custom TissueSpec® matrix products from other organs and tissue types to meet your research goals.