Extracellular matrix (ECM), a major component of the cellular microenvironment, supports and guides cell growth, migration, differentiation, and gene expression. East River BioSolutions offers high quality native ECMs to address the needs of researchers across different research areas.

3D cell culture
TissueSpec® 3D matrices offer cells the natural three-dimensional microenvironment they need to grow and function. East River BioSolutions’s platform technology gives researchers the most physiological substrates to naturally support cells in vitro. TissueSpec® products have applications in cell culture, organoid culture, in vivo therapeutic delivery, drug discovery and development, toxicity testing, and more.
TissueSpec® 3D matrices are available in three formats: hydrogel, sponge, and scaffold.

Stem cell research
TissueSpec® matrix products offer stem cells a high-fidelity niche by providing the biophysical features and soluble factors inherent to native tissues. Unlike other stem cell culture systems, East River BioSolutions products do not rely on synthetic growth factors and support the physiological cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions that regulate maintenance, proliferation, migration, and differentiation.

Cancer research
TissueSpec® 3D cell culture products provide cells with key extracellular features of the tumor microenvironment or metastatic microenvironments (such as bone, liver, and lung). East River BioSolutions products offer the best platform to study carcinogenesis, migration, and metastasis or test therapeutic interventions.

Tissue engineering
TissueSpec® matrix products are ideal biological scaffolds for tissue engineering and the study of regeneration. East River BioSolutions products are natural, physiological biomaterials that support cell attachment, differentiation, and organization for engineering functional tissue constructs.

3D bioprinting
East River BioSolutions is expanding the field of 3D bioprinting through the development of native matrix bio-ink as a way to create high resolution biomimetic 3D environments.

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Clinical applications
East River BioSolutions’s clinical development pipeline is dedicated to addressing unmet needs in medicine and surgery through the development of novel extracellular matrix products including surgical bioselants and bioengineered grafts as well as devices for therapeutic drug and cell delivery.

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