Native ECM biomaterials

Physiological substrates for cells

East River BioSolutions specializes in native extracellular matrix (ECM) products for life sciences.

Our TissueSpec® products bring the highly specific biochemical and biophysical features of native cell microenvironment to an in vitro setting.

We are committed to providing scientists with biomimetic solutions that transform the way biomedical research is conducted. From the very beginning, cells can be cultured in vitro but still studied in their natural environment – leading to better science and faster translation of results.


TissueSpec® ECM Hydrogels

Physiologic 3D cell-specific substrates

Culture your cells on the surface or within our cell-specific TissueSpec® ECM hydrogels to bring the complete, endogenous ECM environment into your in vitro setting.


NativeCoat™ ECM Surface Coatings

The only complete 2D ECM coatings

Coat any cell culture surface with NativeCoat™ ECM to give your cells the full milieu of proteins and growth factors present in the native tissue of interest.


TissueSpec® ECM Scaffolds

In vivo-like 3D tissue-specific substrates

Substrate stiffness matters! TissueSpec® ECM Scaffolds give your cells the total 3D cell environment by providing the biochemical, architectural, and mechanical features of a specific natural tissue.

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